The Last Day Of A 365-Day Challenge

#365 Do something scary, thrilling and exciting Where are you going to be a year from now? Are you going to be stuck at the same place? Or are you going to step up and live an exciting life? One year ago I sat in my bed, dreaming about living a better life. Living a […]

The Value You Create For Others

#364 Connect with someone from a prior event It’s the day before the last post in this 365-day challenge and it feels a bit weird. Soon this challenge will be over, and I can start the next one. There are so many lessons which I’ve taken with me along this journey. So many people I’ve […]

Consumer, Producer, or Both?

#363 Read a book and contact the writer afterward How are you using the internet? You decide how you’re going to use this power. You can choose what you will listen to, what you will create and how you want it to evolve. By being a part of this enormous puzzle, your actions will determine […]

Learn Something New & Become Tougher

#362 Renovating an upper floor If you’re going to write every day, you can’t always predict where you’re going to do it. Some times you will do it at a luxurious hotel, other nights you will sit on a floor. Why? Because the floor is where the internet connection is. Some people might think it […]

The Questions You Ask Yourself

#361 Apply Grant Cardone’s Advice Often when I ask people what they want to do with their life. They get silent and they ask themselves the same question and wait for their mind to give an answer. It’s the same thing each evening when I’m sitting down with a blank page. I ask myself ‘what […]

A Renaissance Mind – How To Get One

#360 Spend a day in the fashion industry Some days ago I listened to one of the best in PR & communication here in Sweden. While I listened to him I found something very interesting. When he spoke he was able to speak about many different topics. The question is, how is he able to […]

How To Get Things Done

#359 Find answers to the ONE thing A while ago I came across the book “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller. Today I decided to re-read the whole book, and find answers to the ultimate question in the book: “What’s the ONE thing I can do such that […]

Step Up Your Mental Game

#358 Learn how to think like Sherlock Holmes What if you were able to solve difficult problems? What if you could find solutions when most people give up? What would this mean to you? What if you were able to find solutions like the fictive detective Sherlock Holmes? Your life would most likely change in […]

The Closest 25 People In Your Life

#357 Write a people plan How are people impacting you at this moment? Today I saw a video by Keith Ferrazzi, and in the video, he explained the concept of a “people plan”. With this concept, you’re able to look closer at who the closest people are in your life. How they’re impacting you and […]

Do You Want To Get Into A State Of Flow?

#356 Create a state of creative flow How powerful is the mind? The deeper I study the mind & its possibilities, the more impressed I get. With the right input from the outside, you can bend your mind into a really strong one. If you decide to create an outer world surrounded with impressive people. […]