Hello there!

My name is Johan and I would like to share my story with you.

Since I can remember, when I get to connect with someone I get excited.

Right now we live in the greatest of times, with more opportunities than ever.

At the same time, it can be a strange and nerve-wracking experience for many people. Because of all the things available for us.

On this website, I want to share another perspective on life and maybe get you a new pair of lenses to see life trough.

The biggest change on my journey so far began in high school. I started out as a fixed-mindset person. And through new experiences, I became an entrepreneur and 'renaissance man'.

The change started when I saw the difference of how people performed in school. I wondered why some people had it and others did not.

I started to research and discovered different ideas like fixed-mindset, growth-mindset, memory palace etc. Soon enough my grades began to change, and I got to experience the plasticity of the brain.

My Explorations

Since then I felt like nothing could stop me because of the plasticity of the brain. Big changes started to happen, and I started to enjoy life.

Some of the things I started to do with my new mindset are:

  • Retell 154 decimals of PI in front of ca 40 people.
  • Doing an intensive military training although I’ve got Diabetes type 1.
  • Learning programming languages.
  • Become a speaker.
  • Move to a big city on my own.
  • Daily doing something I’m afraid of.

By having faith in my own capacity I’ve done a lot of demanding things. This is what I want to instruct and get you to be able to do.

Great life


My Biggest Passion

What I like most in this world is to connect with other people. That is why I created this website. It enables me to connect with more people and get more people to connect with each other.

This website will always be a work in progress. It’s a product of my life and it will change during my period on this earth. I hope you will grow and learn along my side.

Thank you for reading. Now I would like to learn more about you. Write me an email about what you’re most excited about in your life right now.